1.    I testify to the goodness of God upon my life and the fulfillment of His word. I keyed into the prophesy of Daddy in the month of May that 'Before 7 days, someone is going to get a pay rise.' Just on the Monday, under 24 hours, I was given pay rise at my place of work. I also thank God for His protection that has averted a fatal accident. Glory be to God  –Sister Endurance

2.    I give a God the glory for my son's () successful surgery. In the midst of the procedure I started to remember a case of someone that went through the same operation but did not come back out of it. I thank God that the lie of the devil didn't become real. Praise the Lord -MinisterAde Olubanwo

3.    I thank God that vindicates those going through trials. The word of knowledge from Daddy on during the 2nd prophetic Sunday that 'God will vindicate every one that's going through any trial.' I keyed  into that and in that week alone;
i.    God vindicated me by allowing a huge sum of money that seems to have been lost in a mysterious way to be found in an unexpected place.
ii.    My car that was stolen from an official parking lot before I embarked on a family holiday was found while still away on holiday.  Just like a week into the vacation, I received a call from the police that the vehicle has been found neat and without vandalism. Glory and honour be unto the Lord God Deaconess Fajolu

4.    I thank God for His protection over me and my family. There is a spot that I normally pack whenever I drop the children at school, but on this day, I could not pack there for one reason or the other. But within the twinkle of an eye a lorry crashed directly into that spot that had it been I was there it would have been a different story for the children and I. I give Him the glory due that it's not by power, it's not by might... - Sister Yinka Adesanya

5.    I thank prayer answering God for my promotion at work which was also attached to my visa extension.  There was initial fear of how to meet the bill in the house, but the Lord that answered by fire did wonders and sorted every issues. glory be to God - Minister Akin Akinleye

6.    I thank God for what all that He has been doing in my life; I regard everyday as blessed and testimony day for me. I also that God for grace of life. On 17th December as I was going for an appointment in the hospital, a hit and run hit my car on the driver's side and ran away. It could have been worst but all was the grace of God.  Elder Omotoke Salawu

7.    I thank God for all that I have recently gone through and for His mercy and victory on all sides." Praise the Lord!"   - Sister Bola Ekwenuya

8.    I thank God for the speed at which He answers prayers. Daddy directed according to the word of knowledge that we should write out 5 things we want God to do for us as we enter the New Year. I wrote mine and under two weeks, the Lord surprised me by providing a new and better job opportunity, even with a tight schedule and less time for preparation, I had an itch free successful interview and job offer. This is beginning of greater things to come. Glory be to God  – Seun Fajolu

9.    This is Part 2 of my earlier testimony regarding a new job. I thank God for His divine wisdom and knowledge that made Business plan I submitted to the best out of many. I acknowledge that it could only be God hence I have come to give honour to whom the honour is due. Praise the Lord – Seun Fajolu

10.    I thank and bless God for my papers. I sent it for extension but instead of extension I received a request for more documents which as at the time I do not have. But holding unto the word of our Daddy that 'the Lord that has started will actually accomplish it.' I waited on the Lord. And within a week before the deadline they gave, God miraculously sent the docs I needed at a time I did not expect it, through the post. And what the officer in charge said will take weeks was confirmed in couple of days. The Lord of Immigration Breakthrough surely abides in this ministry. Glory be to God – Bro  Kayode Omope

11.     I testify to the glory of God on behalf of my daughter's salvation and her unflinching relationship with God. And also give glory to God for the successful completion her PHD program. Praise the Lord -  HRH Yomi Apatira

12.    I thank God for His divine healing and successful back operation that I went through earlier in the year. I thank all members and most especially my pastor for your care, visits and concerns. May the Lord bless you all in Jesus name. I also thank God for my 80th Birthday and the contribution of the family of God, CRC that has made it remarkably an unforgettable occasion for me. May the love of Christ that binds us together be forever strengthened. - Elder Hilda West

13.     I Thank God for my family and the family of God, CRC. I Thank God for the Daddy in the house and his usual prayer that no one connected to CRC ministry will die untimely and that no condolence register will be opened on our behalf. I feel and benefit always from this decree.- Bro Prince Aiyemhekue

14.    I Glorify God over my family and most specially my son, Fikayomi; this boy had never been sick but on Thursday, 28/07, I received an emergency call from his school to pick him as he was having a terrible headache. I was confused but remember the prayer of Daddy that no condolence register will be opened in our homes. I stood on the word of God and by the time we got home it's all praise to God all the way. I thank God for gift of life and the touch of the prayer by Daddy, the boy was healed. I also thank God for my family and business. I implore members to be committed thither because since I learnt the secret of tithing, I and my family never lacked. Glory and honour to God - Sister Yinka Adesanya

15.     I thank God for journey mercy and blessing of the Lord from an unexpected avenue. The blessing was a testimony of the Church program of 'Garment of Praise' which took place in June. "I was short of some monetary amount to complete a sum and have been thinking on how and where it's going to come, but thanks to God for this program as under 48 hours a friend just called and promised exactly the same amount needed, not as loan but 'gift'. God answers prayer in this sanctuary-  A/ Pastor Alaba Afolabi

16.     I thank God for my brother, Honoured for his A/L result and admission into the university his choice. - Sister Celebrated Sorinolu – Bimpe

17.    I theme my testimony 'The Gift of Life'.  Since April, I have been having a quite challenging time in my family and work team. 3 out of my 8 member of team at work went through surgery; but by the grace of God upon Pastor Tayo, through water (which they tagged 'Pastor T water') as the point of contact with these people, the 3 operations were successful. Secondly, my son also went through 3 major open surgeries in the month of July. He only went for one, but 2 other issues were identified and had to be operated upon. The crunch of the whole episode came he had continuous non-subsiding pain after the operation. It was discovered that there was fluid in his tummy and it was suggested that he would be taken for other surgery.

But I quickly called the Pastor that he should pray and that this time I do not want 24-hour miracle but 5-minute miracle that I don't want the boy to be wheeled to the theatre again. Miraculously, within 5 minutes when the Doctor came back, further surgery was not the option as they decided to drain the fluid. I am testifying the  fact the Lord Answers prayer in this ministry.

Thirdly, I give glory to Him for this same boy had just received her A Level with 3 As including 2 A* with admission into Imperial College to study medicine . Glory be to God – Deaconess Ify Laleye

18.    On one of the Sunday in August,  Daddy prayed that whoever owes you shall pay. Even though I wasn't owed money but my privilege is being owed me; I tapped into the prayer point and in that week I received a letter of confirmation that my miracle is here. Still waiting for the conclusive aspect but the Lord that has started a good thing in me will sure accomplish. Praise the Lord. - Sister Shola Adelaiye

19.     The garment praise service in June was my last time in church. I had prostrate, but the tenacity of all night prayer and faith in His healing power released the hold. I praise the name of God. I also want to add that it's good to come into the presence of the Lord for  in His presence there is healing. Two Sunday ago, I wasn't feeling well but had to force myself to come to His presence. I came with pain but left with  no pain again. Glory be to God - Minister Ade Olubanwo:

20.     I bless God on behalf of my daughter Tinu, she passed her A/L exams excellently and was offered admission into the university of her choice. Praise the Lord - Minister Margaret Aiyeola



  1. Minister Akin Akinleye: I testify to the efficacy of the prayer of a prophet. For his sister who after a long waiting got married and within a year blessed with a child. Glorifying God for miraculously passing his Driving Test. 
  2. Deaconess Remi Fajolu–I bless the name of the Lord for adding another year to my brother's life. I also thanked God for using me as His vessel to prophesy into the life of a couple who's looking for the blessing of the womb. We prayed in November and the report came in March that they did not miss the first month. Praise the name of the Lord.
  3. Ronke Olubanwo– I thanked God for my brother who got married after many years of carefree attitude regarding marriage. I also bless the name of the Lord for guidance in choosing from variety of positions in career. The favour of the Lord was so overwhelming that within a short period of time I was surprisingly promoted. Praise God.
  4. Evelyn- The Lord gave me immigration breakthrough. I received my permanent leave to remain in the Country. Praise be the Lord. This is definitely a year of satisfaction. Also bless God for God protection of the household from fire on 27/03/2015. She went on school run and before return the flat has been covered by dark smoke. Reason being I forgot to switch off the gas while the oil was on fire. To God be the glory no loss of lives and proper
  5. Mummy Hilda West– I thank God of this commission that one of my nephews who has been in and out of trouble with authority was charged with possession of firearms. On hearing the news, I contacted our Senior Pastor for prayer. To God be the glory he was discharged and acquitted.
  6. Daddy Akinleye–I thanked God for the word of God that was released through our Daddy in the house Pastor Tayo Ogunmefun concerning his daughter who is of marriageable age but was waiting on the Lord. The word went that he will give testimony by his next visit. The lady is now married and a mother. The other daughter who came with us on this visit is also doing well. 
  7. Asst Pastor Afolabi- God elevated me beyond my supposed level and gave me double promotion at work. Praise God
  8. Deaconess Yemi Sotubo– I asked God to heal my mother was hospitalised in Nigeria. At one of our prayer sessions, I dropped her name on the altar and less than 48 hours I received news of her healing and discharged from hospital
  9. Bro Kayode- praised God for his life up till today and that he cannot bless Him enough. His going back to an industry he had left was a smooth sailing by His grace. There were even different offers which to choose from. It is God!
  10. Pastor Ayo Akinyemi -I thank God that I returned with testimony. Expectation of 3momths before making things happen was reduced by God to 3 weeks; I won the 1st contract for the organisation in 3 weeks and it only took me only a Sunday school bible studies at UCCD In Dubai for God to advertised and revealed His glory upon my life in a congregation of 2000 plus. This can only be God.
  11. Sister Yinka Adesanya – I give glory to God for saving my son from drowning in a swimming pool. He slides down into the pool beyond the kiddies area and did not come out many minutes until one of his cousins dived in to fetch him. On getting out he vomited lots of water that he has taken in - a signal that he was drowning.  Glory be to God for not making me to weep over my children.